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Jasper Goodman


Professional Overview


Jasper Goodman is a seasoned business professional based in Raleigh, North Carolina. He has spent over a decade investing in his career, building a solid foundation of skills and experiences that have helped him thrive professionally. Currently, he works as a professional real estate investor, purchasing and leasing properties in the surrounding area. Jasper formed his own company, Landstar Investment Group, LLC., in 2009 and has been investing his time and energy into it ever since.

As a self-employed investor, Jasper Goodman gets to focus on the things he enjoys most. He spends his time strategizing his investment plans, managing his existing portfolio, and seeking out new properties to purchase. Real estate investing can be a competitive field, especially in high-volume markets like the Raleigh, North Carolina, area. Jasper doesn’t balk at the challenge, however, and continues to find success in his endeavors. He has studied the local real estate market thoroughly and approaches each investment opportunity strategically, ensuring the best chance of earning a return on his investment.

Since Jasper Goodman runs his own investment firm, he has become well-versed in basic business practices. He handles his own business finances, manages his own properties, and ensures everything stays organized. Over the years, he has learned a lot about managing a company. Beyond the excitement of securing a new property for a great deal, he maintains the day-to-day administrative tasks to ensure he’s prepared the next time a great property comes around. Jasper has built his business from the ground up and works hard to ensure it stays profitable over time. Additionally, he has built a robust professional network, helping him connect with resources and colleagues that have been integral to his success. Real estate is all about relationships, and Jasper has worked hard to build the connections he needs to succeed in the local market.

Outside of his company, Jasper Goodman is a big baseball fan. He loves playing the game, whether with a local team or just with friends in their free time. Jasper also coaches locally, an opportunity that allows him to connect with his community while sharing his love for the sport. He enjoys seeing his players improve and coaching them through difficult moments.

Jasper Goodman is devoted to his career and interests and is always looking for more opportunities to expand his skills and opportunities. To learn more about him and his business endeavors, visit or, or connect on social media.

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